Mariah Carey 出道三十年精选《The Rarities》2020/2CD/FLAC/百度云

为了庆祝和宣传她的首张30周年张录音室专辑,玛丽亚·凯莉和她的回忆录玛丽亚凯莉的意义,凯里宣布了她的第八合辑的发行。[1] [2] [3]凯里在《美国早安》中说,

“基本上,我在保险库中发现了很早以前就开始工作但从未发行过的东西,或者我想完成混音或做任何事情。但是它们是以前从未发行过的歌曲。” [2]


专辑由“ 15首未发行歌曲,b-side专辑”,演示和现场表演组成。[6] [7]专辑还包含1996年3月在东京巨蛋举行的Carey的Daydream世界巡回演唱会,其中包括她的热门作品的现场演出,包括“ Emotions ”,“ Fantasy ”,“ One Sweet Day ”,“ Vision”爱情”,“英雄”,“我只想过圣诞节就是你”等等。[6]

先前发行的歌曲包括在Carey的“ Dreamlover ”的B面中出现的“ Do You Think of Me” [8] [9],在“ Always Be My Baby ”的B面中“ Slipping Away ” [10]和“一切都消失了”作为Carey第三张录音室专辑“ Music Box ”中的奖励曲目。[11] “ Loverboy ”先前于2001年在Carey的Glitter配乐中发行,而The Rarities则采用这首歌曲的原始混音,其中包括1978年Yellow Magic Orchestra歌曲的样本“除在Dome上进行现场表演外,专辑还包括爵士民谣“ Birdland的摇篮曲”的现场演出,其中,Carey在2014年的Elusive Chanteuse Show中进行了现场表演,最初是打算在她的专辑Me中演出。我是玛丽亚(Mariah)…难以捉摸的女神,然后被称为《放手的艺术》。[13] [14]

To celebrate and promote the 30th anniversary of her self-titled debut studio album, Mariah Carey and her memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey, Carey announced the release of her eighth compilation album.[1][2][3] Carey stated on Good Morning America that,

“Basically, I found stuff in my vault that I had either started to work on a long time ago and never released or that I wanted to finish mixing or do whatever. But they’re songs that have previously not been released.”[2]

In the weeks leading up to the album, Carey released “digital EPs, remixes, bonus cuts, rare tracks, a cappella renditions and live performances” from her discography.[5]

The album consists of a “15-track collection of unreleased songs, b-sides”, demos and live performances.[6][7] The album also features Carey’s Daydream World Tour concert at the Tokyo Dome, recorded in March 1996, which includes live renditions from her hits, including “Emotions,” “Fantasy,” “One Sweet Day,” “Vision of Love,” “Hero”, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, among others.[6]

Previously released songs include “Do You Think of Me” which was featured on the B-side of Carey’s “Dreamlover”[8][9], “Slipping Away” on the B-side of “Always Be My Baby”[10] and “Everything Fades Away” as a bonus track on Carey’s third studio album, Music Box.[11] “Loverboy” was previously released on Carey’s Glitter soundtrack in 2001 and The Rarities features an original mix of the song which samples the 1978 Yellow Magic Orchestra song “Firecracker”.[12] Along with the live performance at the Dome, the album also features a live rendition of the jazz ballad, “Lullaby of Birdland”, in which Carey performed live at The Elusive Chanteuse Show in 2014 and was originally meant to feature on her album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse which was then titled The Art of Letting Go.[13][14]

Artist:Mariah Carey
Album:The Rarities
Genre:Rhythm and blues
Size:951 MB

01 – Here We Go Around Again (1990)
02 – Can You Hear Me (1991)
03 – Do You Think of Me (1993)
04 – Everything Fades Away (1993)
05 – All I Live For (1993)
06 – One Night (1995)
07 – Slipping Away (1996)
08 – Out Here On My Own (2000)
09 – Loverboy (Firecracker – Original Version, 2001)
10 – I Pray (2005)
11 – Cool On You (2007)
12 – Mesmerized (2012)
13 – Lullaby of Birdland (Live, 2014)
14 – Save The Day (2020)
15 – Close My Eyes (Acoustic, 2020)

01 – Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix) (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
02 – Emotions (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
03 – Open Arms (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
04 – Forever (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
05 – I Don’t Wanna Cry (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
06 – Fantasy (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
07 – Always Be My Baby (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
08 – One Sweet Day (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
09 – Underneath the Stars (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
10 – Without You (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
11 – Make It Happen (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
12 – Just Be Good To Me (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
13 – Dreamlover (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
14 – Vision of Love (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
15 – Hero (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
16 – Anytime You Need a Friend (Live at the Tokyo Dome)
17 – All I Want for Christmas Is You (Live at the Tokyo Dome)


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